Photo by Brendan Beamish. Call The Office, 2018.

Not that London, the other one

Nameless Friends is powerhouse front Number One, multi-instrumentalist Number Two, guitarist Number Three, and ex-Equinox heavy-hitter Number Four. Formed in London, Ontario, the band blends ambitious songwriting with a give’er work ethic. They have toured across Canada, played to sold out festival crowds at Stranded Fest and Indie Week, and their debut EP Mezzanine received glowing reviews both at home and in Europe.

Influenced by titans like The Tragically Hip, Queen, and Metallica, Nameless Friends narrates the human experience with grandeur and sincerity. Their discography tackles the grief process (Mezzanine, 2018), recovery (A Toast 2019), and quarter life crises (Self Care, 2021), marrying moving arrangements with poetic wit.

While the COVID-19 pandemic hit the band’s touring hard, they are finding other ways of making new friends: their debut music video, A Toast, was an official selection for the 2020 Forest City Film Festival. Nameless’ sophomore EP “Live at Stranded Fest”, out now, is a powerful display of the band’s musicianship. Even covering iconic Queen hits, Nameless Friends have their own voice.

Photo by Jason Plant. CHRW Radio, 2019