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Nameless Friends is powerhouse front Number One, multi-instrumentalist Number Two, guitarist Number Three, and ex-Equinox heavy-hitter Number Four. Formed in London, Ontario, the band blends ambitious songwriting with a give’er work ethic. They have toured across Canada, played to sold out festival crowds at Stranded Fest and Indie Week, and their debut EP Mezzanine received glowing reviews both at home and in Europe.

Influenced by titans like The Tragically Hip, Queen, and Metallica, Nameless Friends narrates the human experience with grandeur and sincerity. Their discography tackles the grief process (Mezzanine, 2018), recovery (A Toast 2019), and quarter life crises (Self Care, 2021), marrying moving arrangements with poetic wit.

While the COVID-19 pandemic hit the band’s touring hard, they are finding other ways of making new friends: their debut music video, A Toast, was an official selection for the 2020 Forest City Film Festival. Nameless’ sophomore EP “Live at Stranded Fest”, out now, is a powerful display of the band’s musicianship. Even covering iconic Queen hits, Nameless Friends have their own voice.

Touring History

June 10th / Digital Creative Arts Centre Nooner, live-stream / London, ON
March 11th / Fire Fest at Western University / London, ON
January 4th / This Ain’t Hollywood w. Beach Bats, Down For Anything / Hamilton, ON

December 6th / The Road to NYE at Call the Office / London, ON
November 16th / Indie Week Showcase at Alchemy Food & Drink / Toronto, ON
October 25th / Sneaky Dee’s w. Artificial Alien, Down The Void, Sunlust / Toronto, ON
October 17th / Rum Runners w. Stuck On Planet Earth, Bad Bounce / London, ON
September 11th / Western Fair’s I Love Local w. Jenn Marino & The Hearts / London, ON
August 31st / Stranded Fest at The Horseshoe Tavern / Toronto, ON
August 17th / Youth Concert Showcase Series in downtown Markham w. Azalyne, Loren Aronov, The Cooks / Markham, ON
August 5th / Rum Runners w. Screaming at Traffic, Mirage, Youngest and Only / London, ON
July 18th / The Boat @ Kensington w. Numb Tongues, Averages, Pterodactyl Problems / Toronto, ON
July 12th / Rum Runners #AToast single release w. Girlongirl, Nimway, Sneaker Club, Allodays / London, ON
June 1st /  CHRW Radio Western live-to-air / London, ON
May 4th / FCLMA #IoFloralia at London Brewing Coop. w. Nimway, Tell It To Sweeney / London, ON
April 5th / The Rec Room Masonville w. Glass Cactus, Fun Fact / London, ON
March 15th / Call the Office #Junoweekend w. Hyness, Terminal Joy, State of Mind, evesbush / London, ON

December 22nd / CHRW Radio Western live-to-air / London, ON

[Mezzanine EP Release Tour]
November 15th / Rum Runners w. Royal Tusk, The Weathered, The Wrong Brothers / London, ON
November 10th / Refined Fool Brewing Co. w. Justin Maki / Sarnia, ON
November 1st / DSTRCT w. Glass Cactus, London Hammer / Guelph, ON
October 27th / Villain’s Beastro w. Cedar & Pine, Fox the Hound / Windsor, ON
October 9th / Old East 765 w. Silence Kit / London, ON
October 5th / The Mansion w. Listen Up Kid, Paper Ladies / Kingston, ON
October 3rd / Doors Pub w. Shane Bowley, The Ruddy Ruckus / Hamilton, ON
September 29th / The Cameron House w. Bassline, Cedar & Pine / Toronto, ON
September 27th / Call the Office w. Fun Fact, Cedar & Pine / London, ON

December 10th / EVAC w. Nailheads, Running from Daylight / London, ON
November 4th / SOHO w. The House of Haunt / London, ON
October 21st / Western University Homecoming Tailgate / London, ON

[It’s About Damn T(our)]
July 27th / The Crown and Hand Pub w. Justin Maki / Regina, SK
July 25th / The King’s Head Tavern w. Justin Maki / Regina SK
July 21st / Garrick Hotel w. Screaming at Traffic / Winnipeg, MB
July 20th / The Foundry / Thunder Bay, ON
July 19th / Reggie’s w. Justin Maki / Sault Ste. Marie, ON
July 15th / The Hub w. Justin Maki / Stratford, ON
July 14th / The Pub w. Justin Maki / Owen Sound, ON
July 12th / Junction City Music Hall w. Mermaids Exist, Justin Maki / Toronto, ON
July 9th / McKibbin’s Bishop w. Justin Maki / Montreal, QC
July 8th / Fatboy’s w. Justin Maki / Ottawa, ON
July 7th / The Blu Martini w. Justin Maki / Kingston, ON
July 6th / The Cavern w. Alec Ray Sherman, Justin Maki / Toronto, ON
July 5th / Krāv w. Justin Maki / St. Catharines, ON
July 4th / The Horseshoe Tavern w. Heart Attack Kids, The House of Haunt / Toronto, ON
July 2nd / Barnacles’ Landshark Party w. Justin Maki / Port Stanley, ON
July 1st / Sesquifest w. London Music Office / London, ON
July 1st / Eastside Bar w. Cedar & Pine, Justin Maki / London, ON
June 30th / Winks w. Justin Maki / London, ON
June 29th / The Bull Market w. Justin Maki / Niagara Falls, ON
June 25th / The Pierside w. Justin Maki / Port Stanley, ON
June 24th / Beachfest w. Sarah Smith, Justin Maki / Grand Bend, ON
June 24th / Villain’s Beastro w. Playing God / Windsor, ON
June 23rd / The Grinning Gator w. Justin Maki / London, ON

March 25th / The Hard Rock Café w. Sugar Dogs, Jason James / Toronto, ON

November 19th / The Cavern w. The Census, Mr. Jr. / Toronto, ON
October 31st / A Nameless Halloween @ The Richmond Tavern w. Kavara, Metallican’t / London, ON
April 7th / Western University Destresstival w. Tragedy Ann, Justin Maki / London, ON
March 30th / Fitzray’s w. Hiroshima Hearts / London, ON